Why India needs Grid Interactive Inverters ?


Solar Off-Grid System

Solar Market is broadly categorized into three segments globally

  1. Solar Off-Grid :Off Grid Inverters are principally meant to be used with solar power systems (or wind and hydro) for a home or business totally disconnected from the electric utility company. They can also be used for providing emergency backup power when the electric company’s power fails.
  2. Solar Tie:A grid-tie inverter is a power inverter that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) with an ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line and provides net metering capability. Net metering allows a solar power system owner to sell surplus energy back to the utility, thereby reducing or eliminating your electric bill.

    Solar Grid-Feed

    Solar Grid-Feed

  3. Solar Grid-Feed :Grid-interactive systems are based on their grid-tied and off-grid counterparts. Like the inverter in grid-tied systems, the inverter in a grid-interactive system can convert solar-generated DC power into AC power that is then fed directly to the grid.

    Solar Grid-Interactive

    In a grid-interactive system, however, the inverter has multiple additional functions to perform. Under normal conditions, the inverter maintains the battery in a state of full charge in preparation for use during power outages. When the grid goes down, the grid-interactive inverter seamlessly steps in to invert DC power from both the solar and battery sources into usable AC power to run selected loads.

ThingsCloud Becomes Part of NASSCOM COE IOT


Its been a long journey for we at ThingsCloud, and we are excited to be part of NASSCOM’s COE IoT Lab.  The Lab is super awesome with the latest and greatest tools at our disposal to test and qualify our products to world class standards.

The biggest challenge for startups in the hardware space are availability of sophisticated tools for testing and measurement and these tools are expensive. This greatly affects the product development time significantly.

IoT lab’s initiative is significant in this area and is a great enabler for startups and it will go long way in building an IoT ecosystem in India.


mThings Hardware

ThingsCloud is unveiling mThings hardware to prototype your products.  Below is the look and feel of the products. You can connect anything to this and control this from you mobile phone. Render_New_1

Product Features: Product TI CC3200 Chip, we will have both certified and non-certified modules.  This is a good starting point to connect your device to ThingsCloud Ecosystem.

Few more renders of the product Render_New_2

We are working out on the pricing and will soon update on this.